Decorate your home for Christmas

December is here and with it come Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The time of the year when we are closer to the family, we are kinder, more generous and of course, we give and receive the presents. This is the time when we have an excuse to meeting with people who have been distant during all the year.

The most magical period of the year, the several parties, the “secret friends” and the characteristic decorations of the time.

The Christmas decoration is important, also marking one of the farewell rituals of the past year, so that we can fill us with hope and dreams for next year. The appropriate occasion for reflections and evaluations that need and also the recognition that we come out well. This is a very symbolic period.

The Christmas tree is one of the items that comes into the head of anyone who thinks about decorating a house. Mounting it, on many occasions, turns out to be a fun collective activity, at home with a family or at work with colleagues.

In addition to the tree, other Christmas symbols can be used to decorate a house at times of the year such as candles, Santa Claus, snowman, snowflake, angels, saints, …

Combined colors are also valid. Some suggestions are gold and red, blue and silver, green and red, purple and silver.

If you missed, at some moment of your life, a feeling of magic on Christmas, a way to recover it is to reunite your family or the people you like most, your dear friends, and invite them to help in the decoration of the home.